Lemuria Unleashed

Episode 2

The heroes booked a ship to Zalut, the Future Sight of Captain Tomro, but were attacked at the dock by members of the Urceb Thieves Guild. They managed to escape aboard the Future Sight.

The heroes discovered Zoola stowed away in a crate. She explained she is an escaped slave of Pallendrax the Pirate King and that he is pursuing her.

A black ship appeared in pursuit, with an apparently undead crew. Clearly in the employ of Pallendrax. The heroes made makeshift bombs from explosive materials in the ships cargo and, when the black ship approached, a heroically thrown bomb destroyed it.

Pallendrax appeared on his Drakk some time later and almost abducted Zoola, but was defeated when his Drakk was killed and he plumentted into the water.

Episode 1

The heroes met Ratt the Thief at the Fourth Horn Tavern in Urceb. Ratt had come into possession of an ancient map showing the location of an entrance to catacombs under the city streets of Urceb said to hold treasure of enormous value.

Ogdan, the owner of the Fourth Horn Tavern, asked the group to leave at closing time and they complied. Upon leaving, the group was attacked by thieves from the Urceb thieves guild. During the fray, Fortissimo accidentally shot Xander with his crossbow. Fortissimo has been strangely haunted by nightmares about this ever since.

The heroes spent the night recuperating at Ratt’s hovel then went to the sewer entrance shown on the map in the morning. The sewer grate had a lock, Keita picked it.

In the sewers the heroes encountered a Zathog and manage to defeat it. After the battle, they realize that Ratt was gone.

The heroes tracked Ratt through the sewers, leaving a trail to follow out of the maze of tunnels, and found him at the entrance to the catacombs. The entance was blocked by a large stone slab door. Rhuk moved the stone slab door aside while inspired by a song played by Fortissimo.

Inside the tomb chamber, the heroes paused as they suspected the floor tiles were trapped. They threw rocks to attempt to safely trigger the trap. Fortissimo rolled a round stone across several tiles and triggered the mechanism, opening the sarcophagi that lined the walls. Skeleton Guardians emerged and the heroes defeated them.
During the battle, Ratt acquired an ancient amulet from the main sarcophagus and, revealing himself to be Rattak, the Master of the Urceb Thieves Guild. He released a mummy who then attacked the party.

Keita shot the amulet out of Rattak’s hand. Xander cast a spell to magically retrieve the amulet. The heroes fought the mummy, barely hurting it, while simultaneously engaging Rattak.

Rattak managed to escape through a secret door, triggering the collapse of the tomb chamber. The heroes ran from the chamber. Rhuk grabbed a handful of treasure on the way out. The mummy was left inside the collapsing chamber.

The heroes examined the amulet and determined that it needs to be examined by the magicians in Zalut.


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