Rhuk the Wanderer


Origin: Beshaar Desert
Attributes: Strength 1, Agility 2, Mind 1, Appeal 0
Combat Abilities: Brawl 2, Melee 1, Ranged -1, Defence 2
Careers: Pirate 1, Mercenary 2, Priest 0, Soldier 1
Lifeblood: 11
Hero Points: 5
Languages: Lemurian, Beshaar (illiterate)
Boons: Keen Eyesight
Flaws: None
Weapons: Great Staff D6+1
Protection: Light armour d6-2 (2)


The man known as Rhuk the wanderer was once a vicious mercenary and pirate. Eventually, he forsook his ways and joined a monastery in the mountains of Beshaar. In order to attained the status of warrior monk, he left the temple to wander Lemuria in search of redemption for his past.

Rhuk had a typical Besharri upbringing till the day he moved to the cities to find a life for himself. Eventually he fell into piracy, working on a pirate crew, never attaining a high rank but always being a solid crew member. In this time he committed crimes, raiding, stealing and other nefarious deeds. He never stayed on one crew for long and would hire heimself out to various crews, always moving and learning skills as he went.

Then the day came when the crew he was on was set upon by a royal ship and during the battle he was knocked clear of the ship and lost at sea. There he floated for who knows how long till he washed ashore near a monastary. The priests took him in. For a week he was feverish and ill and thought to die. When his fever broke he joined the priesthood. For 2 years, though having no talent for their more mystical ablilties, he learned of their ways of balancing the spirit and incorporating their fighting style with his own fighting experience. In this time as well he found he was ashamed of his past crimes and felt the strong urge to atone for them.

Now he travels, looking for need, joining causes that show justice and right. He wanders still finding atonement where he can.

Rhuk the Wanderer

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