Lemuria Unleashed

Episode 2

The heroes booked a ship to Zalut, the Future Sight of Captain Tomro, but were attacked at the dock by members of the Urceb Thieves Guild. They managed to escape aboard the Future Sight.

The heroes discovered Zoola stowed away in a crate. She explained she is an escaped slave of Pallendrax the Pirate King and that he is pursuing her.

A black ship appeared in pursuit, with an apparently undead crew. Clearly in the employ of Pallendrax. The heroes made makeshift bombs from explosive materials in the ships cargo and, when the black ship approached, a heroically thrown bomb destroyed it.

Pallendrax appeared on his Drakk some time later and almost abducted Zoola, but was defeated when his Drakk was killed and he plumentted into the water.


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